Daily Interest Calculator
for Windows

Calculate accumulated interest on a loan or deposit. Freeware

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Daily Interest Calculator Description

Program Features

* Currency and date formats in accordance with Windows Control Panel settings.
* Selectable Calculation Method. These are:
o 365 days each year. No interest on Feb. 29.
o Actual number of days in each year i.e. 365 or 366 days
* Select from nine compounding periods, daily to annually.
o simple interest
o daily compounding
o weekly compounding
o bi-weekly compounding
o semi-monthly compounding
o monthly compounding
o bi-monthly compounding
o quarterly compounding
o semi-annual compounding
o annual compounding
* Nice printouts with capability to add your own banner to printouts.
* Copy entered data and calculated results as either text or screenshot to the clipboard for subsequent pasting in your documents.
* HTML Help included with links to more web based popup calculators.
* An Equivalent Interest Rate is incuded to provide:
o Effective annual rates
o Equivalent rates for other compoundig periods
o Daily Interest Factors
o Monthly Interest Factors for a month equal to one twelfth of a year. (360 day method)
o Capability to compare investments e.g.
Is investing at 8.1% compounded monthly better than at 8.25% compounded annually?
* Absolutely Free with no strings attached.

Daily Interest Calculator Screenshots

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What's New in Daily Interest Calculator 3.1

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Daily Interest Calculator Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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